To Normalize, or Not To Normalize

Database Denormalization

Why You Shouldn’t Always Be Normal

Before you read on and jump quickly to scream foul, please make sure you realize that I write this with some humor, to try and get at the point that “In certain situations, de-normalization is good!” I am not suggesting that we throw away normalization!  Are you kidding me?  Might as well go play Russian Roulette!  However, I think this is an interesting trend among large Web 2.0 companies that are heavy on read, and low on writing.  With that said as my preface, read on and joy.

I’m just going through the process of designing a database architecture for a Web 2.0 site we will be launching in a few months, and the first thing the database architect talked to me about at a review was “Don’t worry, this design your about to see is going to rock, we have really normalized the data, its hot!”.  I was happy he said this, but at the same time, it got me thinking about a lot of things.  Synapses started flipping through my brain as they do at night when I can’t sleep (probably due to the Starbucks I was sipping on).

See, I have never seen eye to eye with database designers on their “Normalization” Zen.  When I first started getting into databases and teaching database design and architecture, I always thought to myself “Why all this normalization?”.  I know, I’m treading into dangerous territory here, but I feel it has to be said.  What is dangerous about this topic?  I guess the fact that I think we should NOT normalize data for the most part in a Web 2.0 world.   Inexperienced DBA’s I guess will find this completely incorrect and question my brain capacity, but I would bet experienced DBA’s after thinking about what I’m saying, would agree with me.  I’ll tell you why…

The Argument Pro Normalization

I won’t go into too much detail, because all of you know that a proper database is normalized.  My guess is at least 80% of web sites out there are running on normalized relational databases.  In the current world of relational databases, we have all been taught that you must normalize your data to ensure data integrity by minimizing duplicate data.  By doing this, you are ensuring that no application can write data in one location, and not updating another location, and creating two different records, for the same data!  This is supposed to also simplify software development, by putting all the data integrity logic at the database layer.  You can user stored procedures, views, joins, and have fairly applications that rely on the database to keep the data integrity.

The Argument Against Normalization

How many freaking joins do you have to do to get all the data you want?  When I first started my career, I could write ASP pages amazingly fast, with simple databases in the back end.  As I started learning more and reading on “Normalizing” your data, I started feeling crappy about some of my designs.  I didn’t use any joins, didn’t really have any transactions, and had very few tables.  But, I wrote applications very fast, got results, and never really had any speed issues.  I never really had issues bad data either, but whatever.

I Learned to Normalize

I started writing more “enterprise” applications, and had to do more joins, left, outer joins, had to worry about transactions, and had layers upon layers of data access to go through in order to add a new customer.  I was told that “It’s the databases job to maintain data integrity”.  Ok it all made sense, I did this.  My code became way more complex, my database designs became way more complex, and you couldn’t put bad data into the database.  Hot!  But, it took FOREVER to write the applications to put the data into the database.  Not only that, but now, if I needed to scale the application, I couldn’t simply add more web servers!  I now had to worry about database replication, transactions, and indexes.  I soon realized that doing joins took an INSANE amount of processing power.

Normalization Is Slow To Design

Are you still with me?  Splitting up your data into small chunks and insuring that no data was stored twice, made writing even the simplest web forms super complicated.  Sure I could call a stored proc, but if it wasn’t written, I had to get the DBA to write it, or write it myself.  If I had to get new data in a certain way, I had to create views, which I was told was fast!  Not (Ok, getting better… but still).  For one simple form, or simple display page, you could have an INSANE amount of joins!

Normalized Applications Are Slow On A Huge Scale

Why couldn’t I just have a table, with all the data I needed for that page?  Then for other pages, I could have the same data duplicated!  This would actually take stress away from the JOIN, and just let me get data from either location.  When an update was done, say the user updates his address, it would be updated in two locations.  Is that all that bad?  I don’t think it is.  Just add some constraints, and make sure the application layer follows the constraints.

If Web 2.0 is all about sorting data, indexing our knowledge, sharing our knowledge, speed in development, speed in viewing Web 2.0 applications, and scaling your sites quickly should you’re site become the next YouTube, I challenge you to do this successfully with a normalized database full of joins, stored procs, views, and transactions.  You might do it, but you will need an army of rocket scientists to do it.

Final Thoughts

Do whatever works for your environment.  In an enterprise environment where you are working with financials and maybe have 1,000 people entering data and reading data, by all means, normalize your data.  If you are writing an application in the web world, where one day you might have 100 users, and a month later, 10,000,000 users, you better have a quick way of scaling!  If you have kept your database de-normalized, and just have tables, and your database is basically a storage area, and has no business logic whatsoever, you will be able to quickly scale your web application by adding servers, replicating code across your web farm, and even putting in cool appliances like BIG-IP in place to cache data and load balance your web farm.

Good luck doing this in a normalized database.  You will be able to, you will just be crying the whole way.

So, What Should We Do?

If you are doing more writing than reading, stick to normalized databases.  If you are doing more reading than writing, still normalize… but then denormalize your data!  Look at the web forms and pages you will have, and see what data will always be displayed, and if you have 18 tables needed to display a users profile, denormalize the data!  Imagine what would happen if you have 10,000,000 users reading profiles and running joins on 18 tables.

One of the Reasons for Web 1.0 Failure

I would argue that a big reason Web 1.0 companies failed was because you had an army of people getting money from VC’s, getting expensive DBA’s, armies worth, to write complex normalized databases, then getting web guys to create the application layers for these complex databases.  Why is this the reason for failure?  You had slow performing sites that didn’t scale.  You had tons of bugs, bad performance, and sites and ideas that never even launched because they were “in development” forever!  In Web 2.0 you have things like Ruby on Rails, AJAX, and companies like eBay that rely on denormalized databases to scale.  You have good looking, fast performing, scalable web sites that are built fast, and not on overly normalized databases.

If you have read this far, I should share some sites with you that give me some legs to stand on for my arguments:

Let the comment bashing on denormalization begin!


  • Amazed by lack of experience

    What this post shows is that either:

    1- You are under the influence of some toxic drug.

    2- You are anticipating April’s fools day.

    3- You never have been involved in complex applications.

    Normalization is not necessary for your six entity website. Notice that I say six entities, not six tables.

    Now, just try to not normalize with 120 different entities. Let me assure you that the data integrity issues will bite you back much quicker than the speed of development you assume as a benefit of not having to think about how to do joins properly.

    It becomes insane, but it seems that your experiences with unskilled DBAs and developers have made you deaf to the arguments of the experts.

    By any means, please normalize. There ARE however places where not to normalize is acceptable. Those multi gigabyte read-only data warehouses usually have a good excuse for denormalization, because once data is written there it will never change. However, you’re not advocating that.

    For those that follow this advice, you’ll get what you deserve.

  • Evan Bosscher

    Wow, I’m reading this with a mix of admiration and trepidation. It’s true that denormalized databases reduce the load when querying vast amounts of data, and that it should be done when your application is doing more reading then writing (especially on web applications). My concern is that to properly denormalize a database you should actually do the normalization FIRST, and then denormalize (otherwise they wouldn’t call it denormalization)

    My only fear with this article is that it will encourage junior programmers and/or DBAs to start thinking that the database design doesn’t really matter, and that they won’t do the normalization up front (on paper) before attempting to denormalize.

    I would however disagree with the previous comment, as I don’t believe I am currently on any toxic drugs, April Fools day is 221 days away, and I have written enterprise level applications.

    They key to understanding when to denormalize is to look at the purpose of your data, and how the user / application will interact with it (as stated in the article)

  • seanyboy

    The issue you discuss isn’t normalization, it’s how you do your joins.
    If you’re trying to find a Name (for e.g.) from an ID, you can either …

    – Use an SQL Join.
    – Ask a separate object or function within your code for the name associated with that ID.
    – Populate the database with the name as well as the ID.

    You’re right that the third option isn’t normalised, but as long as the calculated data can be rebuilt, there isn’t a problem. It’s no different to using a cache or a database index, both of which are well known techniques that a pedant would argue also break normalisation.

    So, anyway, I’d argue that the problems you describe come from using too many SQL Join statements. Personally, I think that normalised tables should be linked together using code. It’s faster, and ultimately, it doesn’t create those monster SQL statements that can kill servers.

  • Miguel Carrasco

    Hi Amazed by lack of experience.

    I actually agree with you, if read the article in detail, you would see this is what I said in my conclusion.

    I did have to “over” stress a few points in order to make my point however.

    What I was trying to get at is that 90% of the DBA’s on the planet will normalize everything, no matter what it is, and not think about the complexity for the simplicity of the application.

    Experienced DBA’s will agree with what you said, and with the posting.

    It’s just as my conclusion said, large read only databases should be un-normalized (but still normalized to some degree), and databases with a lot of writing (normalized). Since I was speaking specifically about Web 2.0, large databases with lots of reads and small writing, I suggest normalization is the way to go.

    Thanks for your comments! I would have been disappointed without it.

  • André Luis

    I don’t agree and I don’t disagree your post. But I have read that the Flickr architecture lies on doing joins in the application layer (PHP) and the queries sent to the database are only simple selects without complex joints, so they can scale.
    As others have said, in your post, the problem is not the normalization but the joins. So the Flickr’s solution could help.

  • Miguel Carrasco

    Hi Andre, you are correct, the Joins are just so brutal. I still like the article, however I think my mistake was trying to over simplify and purposely try and “stir the pot” on bashing normalization, to make a point and make some people think, and create some discussion.

    Thanks for your comments!

  • Troy Cox

    Using plain asp, you likely weren’t in a strictly OOP environment nor extremely concerned with re-usable, maintainable code, as much as you wanted to do so. Writing that kind of code had me mistaken about normalization as well. The difficulty stems from the available database tools as much as anything. Our ISeries programmers have a lot of difficulting accepting normalization because they are used to humanly looking at a record as a whole and programming visually with a large flat file, seeing meaningful keys, and wanting no constraints. To them, object oriented programming is a ridiculous waste. They create extremely brittle code so tied to the data as to be absolutely unusable in any other circumstance, coded like speghetti code in a linear, difficult to follow style that breaks 100 things when one tries to change one thing.
    OOP in C# and well formed data are a marriage made in heaven, both for data integrity, and maintainable, reusable code. Flat data makes creating good objects difficult and throws getting collections right out the window.
    Using materialized data can most always handle normal speed issues.
    Programming an API, as one has to do to create objects against data that doesn’t match the application’s objects, creates fragile code and should only be used against legacy systems and their data, or partial and incomplete data.
    If you can’t do it yourself, use a good O/R mapper. The classes you get and the full power of a relational database structure will change your opinion in this article.
    All that said, Google style programming is done to answer extremely NOT common data issues. Don’t promote craziness until craziness is warranted. Such circumstances for data are so un-common as to be practically only academic.
    Also, let me say, data can be OVER normalized. Persue good 3NF and you will be happy with your results. DBA’s who work in a vacuum from the application developers, quite frankly, cause a great deal of the kinds of problems you faced to bring you to your article–usually poorly designed data objects from the start.
    Finally, coding without matching indexes will always leave your application stuck in the mud.
    Finally, finally, the ONE place you forget to update your duplicated data in an unnormalized database is the one place that will cause you the most grief–everytime:)

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  • Tom

    Good article.

    I was CTO of an internet company that got VC funding and some hot young whipersnapper thought we should re-write all of our code because our database was not as normalized as "school book material". Anyways management got rid of me and followed the young kid's advice and now they are out of money with not much to show for about 1.5 years of $3M investment….

  • solo

    good post,i like it

  • karthick

    can any one help to create a normalized database now
    my query is:
    customer table (cust_id,password,cust_name,street,city,ph_no),alloted(job_id,cust_id,tech_id,date),tech(tech_id,tech_name,password,field,desc,city,ph_no,wage)schedule(sch_id,tech_id,date,status)user(user_id,password,role) while normalising use all columns in each table

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